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When Mic and Console Makers Cooperate

Recent joint ventures will make the setting up and monitoring of microphones easier and more convenient.

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Interfacing With Your Leadership

Obey and submit. These are words we naturally kick against. So as a tech leader, how do we learn to submit to church leadership's discretion?

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Searching for Meaning After Ministry

I never questioned the significance of my work when I was in ministry, and I wasn’t honestly prepared to have to search for it when I left.

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Run a Mile in My Shoes

- New experiences can stretch us beyond our comfort zone. It can take all we have to finish or make it through.

The Three Big Mistakes Most Churches Make on Their Websites

- Many church websites have three common mistakes--which are actually pretty simple to fix. Is your website one of the 20% that is on target?

Mary and Martha were both right: A Devotion from Luke 10:38-42

- Should we adore Christ or serve Him?

We’d “do Christmas” Much Better if We Did It More Often.

- Our natural inclination is to only work on areas that need improvement, so they get the most attention. Wrong. We need to document what went right so we can repeat it.

Open door policy ...

- Keeping doors open to the community is a mandate for modern churches (as well as publishers). Tell us how you do it....

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